5 ways to get rid of laziness!

Call you whatever you want or whatever you like, but idleness is not what people like the most in their ideal lives. What does it mean laziness? Obviously, it isn’t a disease or an illness which should be treated at the hospital. Idleness is like a human weakness and it appears only when we must do something we just really don’t like or when we really don’t have time. It is also considered with the fear of facing something, like a difficult task or a boring chore. We sometimes imagine that our task needs more people to work with than poor and overwhelmed individual. So we will just try to answer the question, what are the best ways to overcome the laziness?

Start with a one tiny step forward
First of all, you should start with a one tiny step forward. If you have a plenty of dirty dishes in a sink, you can do the washing-up just for a while, for example about 3-5 minutes. Then, you can watch something interesting on TV and finally – finish the task. I personally tried this particular way to stop being so lazy when it comes to checking my students` essays. I had about fifty compositions to check. I imagined a high mountain covered by papers on my desk. I even cannot look at this pile. And what have I done? I took twenty of them and I went to the park. The next twenty I checked during my way to grandma on the train. And the last ten essays I marked at home while I was listening the music. Try this way!

Take it easy and relax
As it was said before, laziness isn’t a disease. This is a kind of symptom which bothers us mentally very often. I know it from my personal experience. Sometimes I have got many things to do – from housework chores to my work duties as a teacher. When I think about these endless tasks, I have a great desire to throw myself on the bed and close my tired eyes. In other words, relaxation is also a main way to get rid of laziness. Our exhausted and overwhelmed brain is unmotivated. Take your life easier. Stress in an enemy not only in your daily life, but it can influence badly on your health too. What can you do to stress out? As I wrote before – relax! Watch the film, go to the restaurant or meet your best friends in order to chat about everything – about laziness too!

Organize your space
What’s more, laziness is connected with a mess. Get organized your tasks! What can be the biggest downer for us and for our motivational skills? Of course too many clutters around us. Create a friendly space to learn or work. Moreover, take a blank sheet of paper and write down all your chores, duties, assignments and problems too. Order them from the most to the least important. Another great idea of organizing your daily routines is to hang out a popular cork board on a wall. By using many sticky notes or timetables you can help yourself to control your life in a simpler way. Remember to pamper yourself after each effort you made. Buy something special for yourself or eat some sweets. It can also motivate you!

Improve your habits
At the end I recommend you to think of the benefits. Let’s focus on what would happen if instead of lying in your comfortable bed in the cosy bedroom in the morning, you will do the ironing or do the washing? Probably, you will have the whole afternoon free from unwanted tasks. You will be able to go somewhere or meet somebody without any problems in your brain. It’s worth developing a such habit because everything will seem to be much easier for you in the future. Remember that practice makes perfect!

Get in with laziness
Last but not the least way to overcome the idleness is to get in with it. Just say sometimes that laziness is your friend not enemy. That’s the friend of all people around the world, you are not alone! People come across with many great ways of getting rid of laziness. You can talk with them on many websites or forums. What’s more, you can also join a support group! It doesn’t look like a depression support group, of course, or something like that! Its main aim is to give some advices about daily routines and struggle with laziness. Take a look and find your individual way of life.

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