Birds Of Prey – a few words about telepathy.

Telepathy is something amazing. Can be something more fascinating than reading in other people’s thoughts? I suppose that many of us dream about it! The word “telepathy” comes from Greek and we can divide this word into two shorter ones. The word “tele” means “distant” and the word “pathos” means “feeling, passion, experience”. So that the word “telepathy” means “feeling sth at a distance”. According to the historians, the existence of telepathy comes from antiquity. Our confidence about the existence of telepathy is considered among researches too. It is said that if we pray in our minds, it can be treated as an attempt to relate to God telepathically. As I am thinking about that I believe that there are many phenomena of spontaneous telepathy in the world, for example: a mother who knows what the kid is doing in the next room or recognizing the other person’s mood. I think that each of us has met with this kind of telepathy.

Nowadays, the term “telepathy” means the transmission of thoughts and sensations without using the sensory organs. What is interesting about that: a large distance between people or ignorance of a foreign language is not an obstacle to this type of communication. According to the definition of telepathy, it is not only the transmission of thoughts, but also the transmission of feelings, emotions and experiences too. Now, I think that you are so curious about how to gain the ability of telepathy. Many supporters argue that this ability is available to everyone, however you need some training. This issue is very emotional among people from all over the world, but the scientists have not dealt with it yet and this term is also broadly understood depending on the culture and country.

Let’s focus on training of the telepathy. Theorists claim that telepathy can be learnt. According to the pattern of Tibetan monks you should train your ability to concentrate. There are many easy exercises to do it. For instance, you must put somebody’s finger on his nose and focus his attention and attention on that nose. Tibetan people, in order to communicate their thoughts more easily, introduce themselves into a trance. Many practitioners of telepathy try practising this method. However, nothing is more effective than the introduction of hypnosis by an experienced person.

Can telepathy be like a gate to spirituality?

Many people claim that they have experienced telepathy in their lives. However, they have not any convincing evidence, they can only present some events or moments that seem to confirm telepathy existence. According to the divines, telepathy can be a really invaluable tool in spiritual development. This is something like teaching people higher forms of thinking. I suppose that this kind of learning will be more effective than communicating with the help of words.

The other forms of telepathy.

– reading in thoughts – know somebody’s thoughts without an interference into them
– mental communication – it can be described as a telepathic exchange of information
– sending emotions and communicating by using feelings – this form of telepathy is also called – emotional transfer and it can easily influence on emotional state of a person
– dreaming telepathy – contact between some minds during sleep

Is it worth getting the ability of telepathy?

In my opinion, you do not really want to know what other people think about you. Believe me. If you really desire to develop the ability of telepathy, you should be sure that your different relationships will not fall apart or you will not get into trouble and conflicts with others. What’s more, you can often experience frustration and anger too.

Can telepathy be dangerous?

When the ability of telepathy develops, some difficulties will appear. You cannot “turn off” telepathy. It means that if you learn it once, you will always know it. You hear everything and everyone as voices in your head. You always hear much information. I suppose that you will feel like in the supermarket. In the end, you can stop distinguishing your thoughts from the thoughts of other people. At the end you will lose your mental identity. Think about it.

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