How to get unlimited motivation?

Have you ever felt such a strong desire that you really wanted to do something for which, you could be able to drop everything around you and do it? If you experienced this kind of feeling, it means that you were actually strongly motivated. Instead of thinking about how and when you should do it, you have just taken a small step forward. Haven’t you? You have been focused on your tasks and, at the same time, you have worked systematically. The problem is that we hardly ever feel such an amazing personal motivation like this. We sometimes haven’t got a willingness to do some assignments or chores. Just think, how often did you give something up only because you haven’t got a motivation or an inspiration? Trust me, realization of our plans is very satisfying for us.

Simple ways to motivate yourself and others.

Syndrome of short-lived enthusiasm
This is one of the most common mistake which is made by many people. Have you ever tried to take up a new hobby or any projects? This kind of syndrome appears mainly among the people who try to lose some weight or learn a new foreign language. Dieters look for the best diets only when they are on to look just like models. They make a long shopping list full of healthy and fresh products, such as gluten-free items. What’s more, they prepare plenty of fitness vlogs which help dieters to exercise every day. But after one week many of them just give up. They lose motivation because they don’t always see some effects. So that, in order not to get the syndrome of short-lived enthusiasm, you should indicate and highlight the aims of your work even before you start.

Get positive and rewarded.
When do we often resign from doing something? Of course, when we are in a bad mood or when we are tired. Optimism can strike a blow for motivation and happiness. Motivation can be recharged by positive and constructive way of looking at things you will take up. In conclusion, you mustn’t look at the situation as though it will become negative. People like getting some rewards so pamper yourself as often as you can. It doesn’t only get you more positive, but motivated too. For instance, if you assumed that you lose 5 kilogrammes in a month and you do it, buy something special for yourself.

Get motivation from the people.
You can take a leaf out of people’s book. It can be someone you know very good, for example dad or mum. You should spend more time with family which feed  you up with enthusiasm or motivation by giving you some simple ways and some advice. It doesn’t mean that they must get on your case. Our parents should just  throw their weight behind you. Moreover, you can get motivation from people you don’t know. There are plenty of famous people who deserve your attention. It can be an actress, singer or scientist. Don’t copy their lives and dreams, you can follow their motto or philosophy. What’s more, you can also derive motivation from books, blogs, vlogs and TV programmes in which you can watch many success stories. Spend less time with people who make you negative and look at the dark side of things and life.

Adjust your goals.
It is difficult to adjust particular goals of our life. But it is worth remembering that some big goals can only overwhelm you, not motivate! So that, smaller goals seem to inspire you and affect your motivation better. If you dream about going to Italy – hang out the photo of beautiful Italian landscapes. Would you like to speak Italian? You need to set a number of words which you are able to learn during one day. You need some time to achieve your goals. Nothing happens in one day. Don’t forget about some breaks, instead of working for an hour, take 10 minutes free for listening some music or watching something interesting.

Have you got another ways of getting unlimited motivation? Great! That’s the first tiny step to your motivation and achievements.

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