Procrastination – a bad habit or laziness?

How often did you feel bad just because you didn’t focus on the most important issues in your life? How often did you miss the opportunity to do something really amazing at your work? I think that everything happened only because you didn’t fancy doing it on time and you preferred putting some tasks off. It is worth remembering that if we procrastinate over a long period a time, we will become demotivated very fast. It can also lead as to depression and the feeling that we screw everything up. For instance, if you procrastinate work duties, you may even loss the job or if you put your schoolwork off, you may get expelled from the school. According to the recent research, we leave things over which are very important for us because we are afraid of doing them wrongly. We prefer working on nice and convenient tasks, for example do the washing or vacuuming. At the same time, we promise ourselves to resume doing things which are really necessary for us.

Is the procrastination the same as laziness?
Procrastination is always associated with laziness, but the fact is that they are very different. The first one is an active process because you consciously choose to do something else rather than important assignments.  Being lazy means that we don’t fancy doing anything or we feel good by doing less than we should. In contrast, when we procrastinate we feel relief and pleasure that the task will be done better later. However, after a while we can observe rising concern about the upcoming deadlines and we feel remorse about our pile of documents etc. Researchers assume that procrastination is related to choosing more enjoyable and easier tasks, but it can cause us to miss the opportunity to achieve our assumptions too. As I wrote before, it may lead us to demotivation.

How to overcome procrastination?
If we associate the procrastination with the habit, we can then fight with it as with most habits. Honestly, I believe that it is possible to overcome procrastination. First of all, you must be aware of this habit. In other words, if you put an important task off in order to focus on another easier duties, you must recognize that probably you are procrastinating. My personal way to overcome the procrastination is to start a day with low-priority tasks. Then I read some emails and some news on the Internet in order not to think of work all the time. In the meantime, I drink a cup of delicious coffee and then I come back to the high-priority tasks. In the blink of an eye you finish the daily list of your duties and at the end of the day you will be in a good mood.

Secondly, it is worth understanding the reasons of your procrastination. Why do you avoid doing particular tasks – because they are boring or unpleasant for you? If so, you must find some aspects of your work or duties which are more enjoyable. One of the most significant thing to overcome the procrastination is a good organization. You should make to-do list and create an effective timetable. It helps you to organize priorities. However, you may still feel overwhelmed because many people think that success requires ups and downs. They also may be afraid of taking a tumble.

Anti-procrastination strategies
Firstly, you should forget about your  procrastination in the past and of course – forgive yourself! You must feel more positive. The next nice step is to reward yourself. Make yourself a delicious bowl of your favourite ice cream or take a slice of a chocolate cake. Another strategy is asking someone for verification. It’s hard to disagree that peer pressure works. Next, you should minimize some obstacles, for example in order to be focused on work, turn off social media. Facebook or Twitter can only distract you.

I believe that nobody is perfect and many of you are procrastinators. I know that you crave for being successful and motivated, but you have got only one life and one health. That isn’t a game and you haven’t got five lives. You probably have many of habits, like smoking or drinking coffee every morning. So the procrastination is just one of them. It’s not the end of the world.

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