Why a good schedule can help you in a daily routine?

Many of us are aware that people must have a structure and discipline in their daily routines. When we were small kids, we often were told to go to bed or get up at the certain time, to make beds just after getting up or do our homework just after eating dinner. Parents set their own rules and routines in order to enforce them into their children’s lives. Why is it so important? It isn’t such a good habit when we get up and have no idea what to do next. Many grown-ups cannot create such a daily schedule and as a result they can feel stressed, demotivated or overwhelmed. Moreover, the worst thing is to fail some goals and assignments. In other words, we will try prove why a daily routine and a daily schedule is so important.

I used to think that having a schedule is such a boring habit and some kind of whimsical manner. I assume that a lot of people share the same view. I always got up, had breakfast, tidied my flat up and I wasn’t fancy doing anything important because I didn’t have any plan. Since I have learnt that creating a daily plan is really useful, I starter to control my life and I finally felt freedom and happiness.

When things go slowly…

I have never kept a schedule before or I didn’t write information down on the calendar. Obviously, I noticed some dentist or doctor appointments, but I had no need to write down any tasks or duties. However, the more chores I had, the more I needed help to get my ducks all in a row. So then, one day I went to the bookshop and I bought the most beautiful calendar there. Shortly then, I highlighted all significant things in it, like deadlines of projects or homework. Now, I also notice housework chores, for example on Mondays I do the ironing, on Fridays I do the washing etc. I preassign tasks to every day. What’s important for me – in each day I start with the most important issues and then I do something easier only for pleasure. Every day I do different things in order not to give up or not to be demotivated and bored. Since a year, I cannot live without my calendar because I finally haven’t to keep everything in my head – it’s free and so clean. My schedule reminds me about assignments, dates and gives me some energy to do them in order to strike them off with red lines. I can also feel uplifted.

A few reasons why you should keep the schedule and routine in your life.

First of all keeping the calendar makes us more efficient. It means that we don’t have to make decisions every day because all information and tasks are exactly shown in our notebook. So then, we perfectly know what to do after each finished task. As a result we don’t waste our time and we are more efficient in our daily routine.

From my point of view, keeping a good calendar reduces procrastination. Do you know what does it mean procrastination? It’s an active process of choosing the tasks which are more pleasure for us. Therefore, we put more important tasks off because we can be afraid of them. If we keep the calendar, it becomes a habit and we don’t have to think about what to do e.g. after getting up in the morning. Remember that procrastination is a waste of time. To sum up, it’s the second reason of a good schedule – saving our time.

Writing down all significant dates and things helps us reduce stress. Do you know the feeling that many things in our lives are sometimes beyond our control? Unfortunately, we must accept this process. So then, if we follow things, which we wrote down in notebooks, we are able to “save” them in an appropriate time. A good schedule eliminates stress because we don’t have to worry about what we need or what must be done in the future. Therefore, we will be more relaxed and pleased.

Once I heard from my successful friend that the daily routine and the calendar reduce our need for determination. When we eat breakfast we needn’t any determination because it is our daily ritual. The same goes with the schedule. If we write information down every day, it will also become a routine. It is worth remembering that if we adhere a good daily plan, we also build our self-confidence and the sense of satisfaction.

In general, if you don’t fill the calendar in, it is useless for you.

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